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Short Bowel Support
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Short Bowel Syndrome Patient Stories

SBS is a rare condition and symptoms can vary greatly from one patient to the next. Each of these individuals has something unique to tell us about their experience with SBS. Watch as they share stories about everything from their initial diagnosis to how it has impacted their daily lives.


Cody’s life changed almost overnight. After undergoing a surgical procedure that resulted in SBS, he went from being a hardworking outdoorsman to living on parenteral nutrition 12 hours a day. He shares his story about coming to terms with his diagnosis and how it affects his life on a daily basis.


On average, Jennifer is on parenteral nutrition 10 hours a day. She talks about how this has changed her eating habits, affected her sleeping patterns and how having even one night a week off would change her life for the better.



At 16, Jameson was an athlete. When he began having severe stomach aches, the last thing he expected was to end up with SBS. Now he tells us about making friends, dating and his life with parenteral nutrition.



Elizabeth is currently on parenteral nutrition 24-hours a day. She tells us how this has affected her physically and emotionally and talks about the importance of connecting with others who share similar circumstances.