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Short Bowel Support

Dining out with Short Bowel Syndrome

Dining out can still be an enjoyable experience, even if you receive parenteral support to help manage your SBS. Following are some ideas for people with SBS or their caregivers to be better prepared:

Choosing a restaurant

Research and select restaurants that are willing to accommodate your needs. Read online reviews for customer service ratings. Access online menus to determine your meal in advance. Call ahead to talk with a manager if you have concerns about accommodations or restrictions. When making reservations, confirm restrooms will be easily accessible from the table, or upon arrival, request seating near restrooms.

Staying in control of your diet

Be assertive when asking about ingredients or preparation methods so you can maintain proper nutrition and feel good after dining out.

If you require smaller portions and feel uncomfortable about explaining your dietary needs to the server, you may want to carry restaurant cards developed by The Oley Foundation. These wallet-sized cards quickly and simply explain your need to order a smaller portion, share a plate or order from the children’s menu. Alternative wording is available.

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